FFS Eboko-Bajoh demontration plot

Eboko-Bajoh is a few km from Bakolle. When workshop sensitization was been made for the creation of FFS, participants came from this village to attend the workshop in Bakolle. However when the steering committee of that of Bakolle was created the participants from Eboko-Bajoh thought it wise to also create an interim steering committee for the FFS of Eboko-Bajoh. Later, a concrete committee was formed in the village which made publicity and admitted some students. This FFS is presently pulling on very strongly with 17 registered students.

Just like the other FFSs the trainers and students have opened a demonstration plot and are experimenting on pepper species, cassava and cocoa nursery management. Plans are underway to get parents and other farmers actively involved by organizing modular training on topics such as pesticide use and misuse, rapid plantain sucker multiplication technique and local vaccination of animals. These are topics which will directly affect the lives of people in villages where FFSs are found.




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