Family Farm schools of the North West region


MBOT FFS carrying fire to the palace during a courtesy call

The Family Farm schools of the North West region are supervised by the social welfare/caritas services of the Diocese of Kumbo with technical assistance from the National coordination of Family Farms Schools better know by its French Accronym as CNEFAC.

The Diocese of Kumbo comprises Bui and Donga Mantung Divisions of the North West Region. It is a largely rural Diocese with just
about four villages that appear to have the status of a town. These are Jakiri, Kumbo, Ndu and Nkambe. The vegetation is savanna and the climate is generally cold on account of the altitude: The two divisions are found in the Bamenda Highlands of the North West Region of Cameroon.

NGARUM FFS student in their demonstration plot

Most of the people in the Diocese (about 90%) are peasant farmers who exert a lot of physical effort to produce just enough food to feed themselves and their families
The idea and FFS development model has been embraced by the people of Kumbo as an important measure in the fight against poverty, rural exodus and unemployment. Teenagers from Kumbo who cannot afford access to regular schools after primary

NGONDZEN FFS school students on a study visit to Kikoo farms

school join their parents in peasant agriculture which entails a lot of physical labour and very little or no profitability.
We seek to train a new generation of farmers who shall shift from subsistent to professional production that may enable them earn a living, make life in the village attractive and reduce poverty. Other activities like sewing, building construction and woodwork may probably be included depending on the particular realities of the villages concerned. Youths who leave the Family Farm School should be able to practice what they learnt in such a way as to comfortably assert themselves in their socio-cultural and economic environment.
It is in this context that the first Family Farm Schools of the region, promoted by the Diocese of Kumbo were created in four

NKAMBE FFs students

communities in October 2008 to introduce a new school system that enables the youths and the parents to develop and improve on existing production systems on their farms.
In 2009 and 2010 additional schools were created and there presently 09 FFSs in the Diocese with 27 trainers and a total of about 170 students



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