Single mother’s hope and dignity restored by Family Farm School

Elfrida: Student of Ngondzen

22 years old Elfrida Samka is a second year student of the Family Farm School of Ngondzen in the North West Region of Cameroon. When Elfrida became a single mother at the age of seventeen she became hopeless and lost her dignity in the eyes of her parents and her community. A second pregnancy without any marriage only worsened the situation for her. When the Family Farm School started in October 2008 she was among the 22 pioneer students.
Elfrida started her budding rural business last year with two buckets of Irish Potato seeds that enabled her to harvest 16 buckets of weigh potatoes and about 10 buckets of seeds. Today she has expanded her business to include 350 heads of cabbage, some beetroots, 42 buckets of weigh Irish potatoes and some very promising carrots.

Elfrida’s cabbage farm

This year Elfrida has been able to loan out 25,000FRS to her father, support the School Fees of her sister at a Private grammar high school with 50,000FRS and pay her own child’s fees for 1,000FRS in the Catholic Primary School of Ngondzen. She paid her own fees at 12,000FRS for this academic year. Elfrida is confident that her activities are going to increase in leaps and bounds when she completes her training in the FFS.
Today Elfrida can hold her head high in Ngondzen on account of these achievements. Her father is very proud of her and her elder brother who is a newly integrated teacher in the civil service and who received financial assistance in the form of transport money from her as well is simply at metamorphic transformation of Elfrida within a period of one year.

Emmanuel Sengafor


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